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Photo: William Cummins

The mission of the Barbados National Art Gallery is to provide dynamic, creative leadership in
bringing visual arts to the people, in order to facilitate their discovery, understanding and
enjoyment of the visual culture of Barbados and the wider Caribbean.

The Barbados National Art Gallery (BNAG) is committed to building, maintaining and exhibiting
a collection of art that documents the historical development during the 20 th century, to
carefully identify the best examples of pioneer and modern artists; and to actively acquire and
present contemporary work, to ensure the most important examples are in the national
collection and to play an active role in stimulating and encouraging a dynamic contemporary art

It is hoped that with the designation by Government of a permanent location in the historic
Garrison area, the BNAG will serve as a focal point for public engagement, learning and
enjoyment through exhibitions of the national collection, hosting of temporary exhibitions and
the organization of educational programming and community outreach.